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About us

The website was created by people with years of experience in the cleaning and construction industry. It’s purpose is to provide an innovative online recruiting platform for hiring staff in both sectors. The whole idea was born few years ago when a similar database with basic functions was used to find available workers in a cleaning company. Then the idea was taken to a professional level when the first website was created, offering interactive communication between the workers and companies in the cleaning industry. The construction module was added later and that’s how the website became reality.

Our aim is to connect the people looking for a job in the construction and the cleaning industry in London with hundreds of companies that are looking to hire staff in the cleaning and construction, by offering interactive and efficient way of communication. We trust that our expertise will offer benefits for both companies and businesses to hire construction workers and find cleaning staff in London as well as workers find suitable jobs.

We are aspired to become the best job search engines in London, offering work in the cleaning and the construction industries. Our online recruiting platform for hiring staff is created to meet the specific needs for the construction workers and cleaners in London, making hiring easy.

Thousands of workers in the construction and cleaning industry

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