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Frequently asked questions


Who are Clever Working Solutions and what do they offer in this website?


Clever Working Solutions is an online recruitment platform that offers an interactive database for hiring staff in the construction and the cleaning industries. It allows workers and companies to get in touch and work together in an efficient, easy and cost effective way.


How much does it cost to register as a worker on the website?


Registration and use of the website as a worker is free of charge.


What do I need to provide in order to register as a construction worker or cleaner?


In order to register on the website as a worker you need to upload standard documents such as copy of passport, proof of address, national insurance documents, UTR, public liability insurance (if available) and references. We also need copies of your certificates and NVQ documents if you have any. The documents are checked by us and safely stored on our website. Only the worker can give access of the company to their personal documents once they agree to take on a working arrangement.


Do you guarantee I will be given any work?


By registering on our website you get a chance to become visible for hundreds of companies that are looking for workers. We can’t guarantee the companies will hire you. This depends on your individual abilities and experience. Getting positive feedback by the companies that have already used you will be the best way to raise your profile and secure your future engagement. Refreshing your profile daily shows the potential employers that you are actively looking for work and your availability is up to date which increases your chances to be hired. You can also stay online as much as possible so companies can get in touch with you and start chat.


Why should the construction and the cleaning companies use Clever Working Solutions?


Our functional website allows the constructions and the cleaning companies to find suitable staff even in short notice. Hiring people for specific dates or in specific areas is very easy using the search function on the website, which filters all candidates and only shows the ones who are available and match your criteria. We can save you a lot of time by providing checked documents, which become available to the companies after the worker accepts their offer. By using our interactive chat companies can get into contact with the worker directly, making sure all conditions for the work are acceptable for the worker prior to making any hiring arrangements.


How does it work to hire a worker through the website as a Company?


Companies can use the database of the website, browse available workers and get into direct contact with them using the instant chat messages. Companies can provide more information in the chat about the work they offer to make sure the workers are happy with the conditions. Once everything is agreed the company need to pay the fee for the worker in order to get their contact details so they can call them and continue the hiring process.


How much do I pay if I want to use your website as a company?


Charges for companies depend on whether they want to find a permanent worker or temporary workers. For construction workers companies need to pay £30 for any temporary workers hired for a period between one day up to 7 days, and £80 for any permanent workers, hired for a period over 7 days. For hiring cleaners through the website the company should pay £10 for temporary cleaners (hired from 1 day up to 7 days) and £30 for permanent cleaners.


Is there any contract for Companies using the website?


There is no contract for the companies using the website.  All they need to do in order to get access to the database is to complete the registration process.


What if I can’t find a suitable worker?


If you have set your criteria and can’t find a worker that suits your requirements then you can contact us on 0208 191 7787 or send us an e-mail to and we’ll run an internal search between all registered workers on the website and try to find you a suitable worker.

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