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What we offer

Clever Cleaning Solutions creates new connections between workers in the construction and cleaning industries in London and businesses. Our online recruiting platform for hiring staff allows companies to specify their requirements when searching for staff and enables workers to specify their availability when looking for construction and cleaning jobs in London. By taking into account the requirements of both parties, an online recruiting platform for hiring staff of high efficiency and efficacy is created for both staff and employer.

 What Clever Working Solutions Offers for Companies 

  • Thousands of cleaners and construction workers, looking for a job in London
  • Post code specification option, aids in selecting workers who are able to cover your required working areas
  • Advanced search tool that allows you to select workers who are available on the day and time you require
  • Option for specifying your search by additional criteria and narrowing your results for efficiency
  • List of worker’s available documents for easy decision making
  • Expiry of documents tracking system 
  • Rating system from previous employers
  • Online chat function with translator for easy communication with non-English speaking workers
  • Flexibility to use the workers in the future with no extra fees to be paid

    What Clever Working Solutions Offers for Workers in the Cleaning and the Construction Industries
  • Have your profile presented to hundreds of companies and businesses that are looking for workers in UK
  • Find a job in the construction field in London
  • Find a job in the cleaning field in London
  • Set your availability for weeks and months ahead, letting potential employers know when you are free to work.
  • Choose the postcode areas you want to go to
  • Specify your preferable hourly or daily rate
  • Find smaller additional work for when you are free
  • Rate the companies you have been working for



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