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Why are we different?

So, what sets us apart from anyone else?

First and foremost, our model is the product of years of experience and our understanding of the field in which we are working, woven together to culminate in our innovative model, for hiring staff in the construction and the cleaning industries which Clever Working Solutions offers. Using only the latest technology, combined with our knowledge of the requirements and specifications of each industry, we’ve complied a cost effective and efficient online recruiting system that is truly a win-win for everyone.

What makes us so efficient?

Our employee recruitment platform is first and foremost interactive, companies and workers both being able to keep in touch with ease. Each of our workers has been assessed and monitored prior to registration, in order to assure that we are cooperating with only the most honest and efficient people. All documents and references have been checked thoroughly, ensuring that they are safe and reliable workers to be employing. Our availability options help to ensure efficiency in staff recruitment in both the cleaning and construction industrues. Workers' progress and performance is also closely monitored, frequent feedback being given from both us and from the optional client rating system.

What are the benefits for the construction companies and cleaning businesses in London using our services?

Our interactive database allows businesses to find suitable staff in London in minutes. Using the specificity options they can refine their criteria and search for construction workers and cleaners by trade, post code, level of spoken English, experience, hourly or daily rate. Companies are also able to find workers  in London for both full time and part time jobs if required, making recruitment processes far more efficient. We also operate a no obligation policy in which you can work with your chosen workers for a specific period of time with no obligation to return to our services again later.

Why do workers love us?

We care for all of the workers registered on our website on an individual and personal level. They use our services for free, meaning they take home everything the company is paying them. Will this affect their level of performance? Absolutely! A satisfied worker will only become more motivated to perform to their maximum capacity. Through registering on our employee recruitment system for hiring staff, workers have the opportunity to connect several potential employers. By using our software to show their availability for the days and weeks to come, workers in both the cleaning and construction industries can utilise their free time efficiently and are therefore able to take up any additional work whenever they desire.

Thousands of workers in the construction and cleaning industry

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